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Scaling access to high-quality curriculum and resources for special-education teachers and learners

There are more than 7 million students with disabilities in the United States. Educators, parents, and students need and deserve practical, evidence-based, and personalized learning solutions that support the unique learning and development needs of these students with disabilities.

Solutions to support students’ growth and development

TeachTown’s purpose-built curriculum and software utilizes evidence-based instructional methodologies founded on the principles of applied behavioral analysis (ABA). The company’s vision is that all children with disabilities acquire and maintain the academic, social, emotional, and adaptive skills necessary to succeed.

TeachTown’s differentiated products provide engaging and dynamic content that can be easily customized for each student in the classroom. For example, the enCORE curriculum features both personalized digital instruction alongside adaptations of classic children’s literature (e.g., Jack and the Beanstalk). Each book has three different levels to meet students where they are while allowing them to access the story, themes, and resulting lessons.

Continuous product innovation

Our partnership with TeachTown has focused on expanding access to the company’s enCORE product, a standards-based core curriculum, to serve all students from pre-K through 12th grade. At the time of our investment in 2020, the enCORE product only served students in kindergarten through fifth grade. This past year, TeachTown completed the successful rollout of the enCORE curriculum package which is now available for students from elementary through high school. The company has also begun development of enCORE for pre-K students and plans to pilot that solution in late 2024.

The team continues to develop new tools and resources to support teachers and students. For example, TeachTown recently launched Benchmark Assessments – a full suite of assessments that allow teachers to monitor students’ progress throughout the year and provide data-driven, personalized instruction.

Proven effectiveness and positive student outcomes Research and case studies conducted by TeachTown can be found on its website:

Measuring the efficacy of TeachTown’s products on students is critical to achieving the company’s mission and to its continued growth. To support this work, the team has partnered with school districts and academic institutions to research the impact the company’s products have on students’ learning and skills retention. For example, TeachTown worked with the LA Unified School District to measure the efficacy of TeachTown’s Basics product. The study found that students using Basics experienced higher age equivalence gains across all tested dimensions (e.g., social skills, language, shape identification) versus a control group. Whalen C, Moss D, Ilan AB, Vaupel M, Fielding P, Macdonald K, Cernich S, Symon J. Efficacy of TeachTown: Basics computer-assisted intervention for the Intensive Comprehensive Autism Program in Los Angeles Unified School District. Autism. 2010 May;14(3):179-97. doi: 10.1177/1362361310363282. Epub 2010 May 18. PMID: 20484002.

TeachTown studied the effectiveness of the enCORE curriculum for elementary school students in another study, conducted during the 2022-2023 school year. Students who participated in this six-month study showed mastery of all targeted math and English language arts skills. Source: Research completed by TeachTown during the 2022-2023 school year. The full study, Evidence of Success: enCORE Elementary, can be found on its website:

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Richard Becker, CEO, TeachTown
As we continue to grow, TeachTown remains focused on our mission to create lasting positive impact on the lives of the students we serve.
Richard Becker / CEO / TeachTown