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Improving Patient Outcomes

High-quality care for patients recovering from accidents

Excelsia Injury Care (“Excelsia”) is a mission-driven provider of outpatient post-traumatic injury care and physical rehabilitation, serving patients injured in an auto or workplace accident. For individuals who may be uninsured or underinsured, accessing the various doctors and specialists needed to support their recovery can be daunting and costly. Excelsia’s model helps reduce barriers to medical care by managing the complex reimbursement process for patients and providing the full breadth of services and specialty care regardless of patients’ insurance status or ability to pay.

Expanding to serve more patients

Since Double Impact’s investment in 2020, the number of Excelsia clinics has nearly doubled. The company now operates more than 65 locations. As of Q1 2024. During 2023 the company ramped up operations in four clinics that had opened in late 2022 and opened three clinics in Pennsylvania. Excelsia also established operations in St. Louis, Missouri, expanding its footprint to the Midwest for the first time.

Focusing on patient outcomes

In 2023, Excelsia surveyed more than 250 patients across Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virigina. With the help of 60 Decibels, a firm with deep expertise in social impact measurement, Excelsia received valuable insight into its patients’ recovery journeys and experience. Participating patients reported that Excelsia’s patient-centric model positively impacted their health and recovery. In fact, 95% of patients reported health improvements after 10 visits to Excelsia. Participants also reported high levels of satisfaction with Excelsia’s patient care and customer service; 93% reported that Excelsia is the best option for the type of treatment they needed. Results from patient survey run by Excelsia and 60 Decibels in August and September 2023. Survey included over 250 current Excelsia patients. Patients provided feedback via anonymous survey. Overall Excelsia received a net promoter score of 85 from patients, significantly higher than industry average. Retently; 2023 Average NPS for Healthcare was 45.

Impact Metrics

SDG Alignment

Supporting employee wellbeing

Double Impact understands how critical employee engagement and wellbeing is for companies in healthcare services. One area of focus in our partnership has been supporting employee wellbeing, specifically related to financial stability. Since our investment, Excelsia has worked to increase pay for hourly workers and put in place resources and programs to support employee wellbeing. This includes creating an employee relief fund, where employees can access grants when faced with an unexpected financial emergency, as well as its payroll smoothing program, which allows team members to access earned wages more frequently than a biweekly paycheck. Excelsia’s work to support employee wellbeing was featured in New Frontiers of Value Creation, published by Tideline and Impact Capital Managers in February 2024.

George Goodwin / CEO / Excelsia
The Double Impact team actively supports our growth with a deep commitment to helping our team be successful. We value their judgment and their approach to partnership, in addition to their technical expertise. How they do things, and the resources they bring, are invaluable.
George Goodwin / CEO / Excelsia