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Improving Patient Outcomes

Bringing high quality care to patients with severe pain

Basic Home Infusion (“BHI”) provides home-based care for intrathecal pump patients. An intrathecal pump is a surgically implanted device that delivers medication directly to a patient’s spinal cord and is often used by people living with severe, chronic pain or spasticity. BHI has a network of over 60 highly skilled nurses across 40 states providing direct patient care. The company also operates in-house compounding pharmacies. Providing in-home care is important for patients with intrathecal pumps, who often face limited mobility. This approach allows BHI to deliver care in a way that centers patients’ needs and ultimately drives better health outcomes.

Reaching more high-need patients

Expanding the company’s reach to more geographies and patient populations is core to scaling BHI’s impact and creating value for the business. We have worked with BHI to expand the team’s capacity for growth. This included adding experienced executive team members and creating new functions to help grow the business. For example, the newly established sales and marketing team is focused on raising awareness for BHI’s care model with physicians, many of whom are unaware an in-home care option exists for their patients.

Scaling a patient-centric care model

Additionally, Double Impact partnered with BHI to establish patient-centric impact goals. These include metrics that capture BHI’s expanding reach (e.g., patient visits) as well as positive patient outcomes (e.g., patient NPS and care plan adherence). Double Impact’s partnership also includes employee wellbeing and sustainability efforts, such as implementing an employee relief fund, augmenting employee health benefits, and measuring the company’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Impact Metrics

SDG Alignment

As a result of our partnership, to date, BHI has experienced significant growth in patient volume and geographic reach, while consistently delivering an extremely high patient NPS score of 97.

Klaus Koenigshausen, Partner, Double Impact
BHI has a 30-year track record of delivering high quality, specialized care with clinical excellence. Our partnership has created the foundation to unlock growth, effectively scaling BHI’s high-touch, patient-centric model to reach more patients.
Klaus Koenigshausen / Partner / Double Impact
Jeff Foreman, CEO, Basic Home Infusion
The partnership with the Double Impact team has accelerated our growth by bringing the resources, expertise, and approach to be nimble and capture market opportunities. Their focus on impact has enabled us to stay focused on the patient and do what is right for our employees and organization.
Jeff Foreman / CEO / Basic Home Infusion
Lots of days you don't feel good enough to go to a doctor's office or anywhere else. This is the answer for us. Thank you, BHI.
Basic Home Infusion Patient in South Carolina