Education and Workforce Development

Supporting Student Achievement

Building enriching learning environments

In 2023, Double Impact invested in Meteor Education (“Meteor”), a leading creator of modern learning environments for K-12 schools. Meteor’s flexible learning environments empower educators to help students learn and establish critical “future-proof” skills, such as collaboration and communication.

Creating high-impact learning environments

Meteor partners with school districts to design and install learning environments that support student development and enrichment. The company’s teams of designers, educators, project managers, and sales professionals incorporate highly intentional design principles that integrate technology, academic pedagogy, ergonomics, aesthetics, and social considerations into the physical space to foster learning. Meteor’s modern learning and design solutions have been implemented in over 1,000 school districts. Our partnership is focused on growing the company’s national footprint and offerings aligned with the future of learning.

Building an endurable, scalable platform for growth

Across the United States there is a growing recognition of the need to invest in education infrastructure. Over the past two years, voters across the country supported a record number of K-12 bond authorizations. We are excited about what this means for students and teachers, and for the growth of Meteor. Since our investment in early 2023, we have worked with the Meteor team to make critical investments to help the company scale. During the first year of our partnership, we focused on building out the leadership team, including bringing in experienced executives to lead the People Operations and Technology teams. We also worked with Meteor to upgrade their technology and operating systems, including the company’s enterprise resource planning system, client relationship management system, and cyber-security infrastructure.

Impact Metrics

SDG Alignment

Providing a wealth creation opportunity for all employees

Together Double Impact and Meteor launched the company’s first broad-based employee incentive program. The program – which the team has named “MetCoin” – is designed to provide an opportunity for employees to share in the company’s financial success as it scales. In 2023, Meteor also enhanced healthcare and retirement benefits for employees by establishing an employee emergency relief fund program and implementing pay adjustments to ensure employees earn above a living wage. We believe these efforts contributed to a 17-point increase in employee net promoter score between Q2 and Q4 in 2023. Meteor’s efforts are also being recognized externally; the company was named #33 on the Glassdoor top 50 small/midsized companies to work for in the U.S. in 2023, a testament to the strong mission and culture of the company.

Bill Latham / CEO / Meteor Education
This past year, our partnership with Bain Capital Double Impact has propelled Meteor Education's journey to create modern learning environments. With Double Impact’s support, we are on a path of transformative growth to enhance our impact on students and their communities. We are excited for the journey ahead and the positive changes we will drive together.
Bill Latham / CEO / Meteor Education