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Double Impact & TeachTown

Providing high-quality curriculum and resources for special-education teachers and learners.

Annie I. a High School and Transition teacher from Maui, HI

TeachTown provides access to high quality education materials by building curriculum and software specifically tailored to the unique needs of special education students. In 2022, TeachTown celebrated the successful rollout of enCORE High School. enCORE High School is the final component of TeachTown’s standards-based, developmentally appropriate, adapted core curriculum. First launched in 2019, enCORE helps improve the academic experience for special education teachers and students.

Tailored solutions for students and teachers

The company’s purpose-built curriculum and software, utilizes evidence-based instructional methodologies founded on the principles of applied behavioral analysis (ABA). enCORE’s science-backed instructional approach has driven strong student outcomes. Teacher’s feedback to first using enCORE in the classroom is often the same: “Students’ reading comprehension has skyrocketed since introducing enCORE,” says one special educator, citing how the program “really shows what our students are capable of.” Data confirms that enCORE is helping drive exceptional student outcomes. Students that use TeachTown demonstrate a 67% score improvement between their pre- and post-unit test. As of December 31, 2022.

A partnership focused on results

Expanding the enCORE curriculum to serve middle and high-school students has been a focus of the Bain Capital Double Impact and TeachTown partnership since Double Impact’s initial investment in 2020. Double Impact worked with the company to expand TeachTown’s curriculum and product team, which supported the expansion of the company’s product to include enCORE Middle School in early 2021. enCORE High School followed in 2022, completing the full suite. The High School product launch was a particularly heavy lift given the variety and complexity of the subject matter covered in the curriculum. However, with the support and investment by Double Impact, the company was able to launch enCORE High School ahead of schedule. “TeachTown has changed teaching for me,” says one high school teacher. She cites that prior to enCORE, teachers often had to come up with their own curriculum for special education students because no available solution worked.

Positive feedback from teachers extends beyond the strong methodology of TeachTown. Helpful student workbooks, engaging interactive items, and accompanying implementation guides are among the benefits that teachers mention when asked why they like using TeachTown products. “enCORE is individualized to meet each student where they are, which has been nothing short of amazing” says a polled educator, “and the scaffolding of the provided material has produced great results with my students.”

As of December 31, 2022

Iain Ware, Partner, Bain Capital Double Impact
We are excited for the future of our partnership with TeachTown as we work to expand the reach of the program and provide access to high-quality, evidence-based special education to students everywhere.
— Iain Ware, Partner, Bain Capital Double Impact