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Double Impact & Excelsia Injury Care

Leveraging the Bain Capital network to bring in new growth-minded, seasoned leadership

Excelsia is a mission-driven provider of outpatient post-traumatic injury care and physical rehabilitation, serving patients who have been in an auto accident or experienced a workplace injury. Excelsia provides occupational medical care, physical therapy, chiropractic, and other services, all under one roof, to all patients regardless of their socioeconomic status or insurance coverage.

Expanding to serve more patients

The company operates more than 60 locations As of Q1 2023. across the mid-Atlantic region. With support from the Bain Capital Double Impact team to identify and analyze new market opportunities, Excelsia recently opened new locations in Maryland and Virginia and expanded into Pennsylvania and Delaware. In the coming year, Excelsia plans to continue to broaden the services offered, while remaining committed to providing a coordinated, patient-centric care model.

New leadership for Excelsia’s next phase

Double Impact and the Excelsia team were thrilled to have George Goodwin join the organization in January 2023 as Chief Executive Officer. George is a veteran healthcare executive and has a proven track record of growing healthcare businesses by expanding core and new services. He joined Excelsia from Surgery Partners, also part of the Bain Capital family, where he served as President of the American Group since 2004. Over his tenure, George oversaw more than 100 surgery centers nationally and helped the company grow across core and new services. Under George’s leadership, Excelsia aims to continue to expand its reach in providing critical healthcare services to underserved individuals.

As of December 31, 2022

George Goodwin, CEO, Excelsia
The Double Impact team is an actively involved partner that supports our growth with a deep commitment to helping our team be successful. We value their judgment and their approach to partnership, in addition to their technical expertise. How they do things, and the resources they bring are invaluable.
— George Goodwin, CEO, Excelsia