Page 11 - Bain Capital Double Impact - 2020 Year in Review
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Reduce gaps in skills and achievement and improve economic mobility by providing
    Iain Ware
Managing Director Boston
training and education and catalyzing economic growth in distressed communities.
We need to reimagine the future of education, both in schools and in the workplace, and challenge conventional models that place the financial burden of learning onto consumers. In a year that highlighted the significant dispar- ities in opportunity that exist in many communities, we believe there is an imperative to create smoother pathways for students and workers to gain the education and skills they need.
       Todd Cook
Managing Director Boston
Reduce environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions through ecologically beneficial water, energy, agricultural and other sustainable products, services and business operations.
The effects of climate change can be devastating, not just to the
environment, but to broader ecosystems and communities around the
world. Responsible environmental and stakeholder stewardship through
more sustainable, efficient, and transparent supply chains will deliver
better ESG and business results. 11

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