Page 9 - Bain Capital Double Impact - 2020 Year in Review
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Company Achievements Our People
Benchmarked Against Standards
1New Exit (Penn Foster) in 2020
  8Advanced ratings across all 8 IFC Operating Principles as verified by Bluemark
  BCDI diversity: we keep ourselves accountable 26% Women 16%Asian
11% Black or 11 LGBTQ+
African American
Directed jobs supported in actively managed companies
  4New investments
(Hand in Hand, Presence Learning, MSHC, and Teachtown)
Owned for <1 year
Total Customers served for actively managed companies
of actively managed portfolio companies have tied mgmt compensation to impact metrics
of our Boards have at least 1 member from underrepresented groups
* Avg of 6 Board members
average improvement in B Impact Assessment score in actively managed portfolio companies
Add-ons completed since initial investment
As of April 2021
of our Management teams have at least
1 member from an underrepresented group
* Average of 6 direct reports to CEO
 Bain Capital Double Impact
Year in Review – 2020 9

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