Page 12 - Bain Capital Double Impact - 2020 Year in Review
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Our Blueprints
Strong Foundations Build Lasting Companies
Through our Strong Start process, our portfolio companies follow a disciplined approach to driving value creation and impact.
Hit the ground running
• Governance and compliance
• Quick wins
• Metrics and reporting
Roadmap for strategy & long-term value creation
• Strategic growth opportunities
• Financial & operating capabilities • Cybersecurity
• Technology & Infrastructure
• Launched searches to expand the leadership team to augment expertise and capacity to scale the business
• Engaged third party providers to help deepen capabilities and infrastructure in key functional areas (e.g., sales & marketing and technology)
• Executed Bain Capital preferred rates with vendors and procurement diagnostic to identify cost savings and redeploy into marketing and other growth investments
• Brought in interim CFO to assist with creating robust budget, monthly financial reporting package, KPIs and process
 12 Bain Capital Double Impact Year in Review – 2020
• Engaged external experts to support MSHC in 1) prioritizing a new state expansion strategy with target MSAs, and 2) developing a service line strategy
• Partnering with management to accelerate topline growth through strategic partnerships, service lines expansion, better Revenue Cycle Management, and other improvements
• Improve physician recruitment strategy by using 3rd party data to identify and prioritize ideal physician candidates
• Supported MSHC in instituting and expanding formal processes around budgeting, financial and operational reviews

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