Page 8 - Bain Capital Double Impact - 2020 Year in Review
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The Year in Numbers
In 2020, we achieved meaningful growth within our team, across our portfolio, through our investments, and most importantly, through our impact.
13 Portfolio Companies
As of April 2021
 1Newly Certified B Corp (Rodeo Dental)
of investment professionals are from underrepresented groups
Medical Devices Delivered
Investment professionals
 6Actively managed port- folio companies with B Impact Scores above 80
(threshold score to become B Corp)
Of Portfolio companies have >50% female employee diversity
Patients served (MSHC, HealthDrive, Rodeo Dental, Arosa, Broadstep)
of our Management teams have at least 2 members from under- represented groups
* Avg of 6 direct reports to CEO
 Note: Metrics reflect data as of December 31, 2020. Growth metrics reflect ’19-’20 growth, unless otherwise stated.
8 Bain Capital Double Impact Year in Review – 2020

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