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 Progress through the Pande
As the country and the world continue to combat the challenges of COVID-19 and the ongoing effects of climate change, the importance of impact investing and the work of our companies have never been more critical.
In many ways, the pandemic has amplified the needs
and opportunities across our impact themes. It is clear that improving access to quality healthcare, reducing the achievement gap to increase economic mobility, as well as scaling sustainable solutions that help combat climate change will be global imperatives for many years to come.
Active Partnership during Challenging Times
The events of this year also reinforced the benefit of our active partnership approach and ability to access knowledge and resources across the Bain Capital platform. Throughout 2020, we partnered closely with our management
teams to protect the health and safety of employees and communities, and minimize financial and operational
risks associated with the pandemic. We leveraged our broader Bain Capital network to offer our companies
legal, regulatory, HR, medical and procurement solutions, including centralized efforts to procure and distribute PPE.
At the same time, we partnered with management teams to ensure our companies are strategically well positioned for long term growth, strong financial performance and enduring social and environmental impact. Despite
the headwinds of 2020, most of our actively managed companies met or exceeded their financial budgets, while advancing their impact agendas. In 2020, actively managed portfolio companies with over a year of ownership1 increased their B Impact Assessment score by 29%. We believe these results speak to the importance and differentiation of our active partnership approach, as well as the resilience of our
1 Arosa, Broadstep, Healthdrive, Rodeo Dental, Living Earth, RSI
companies and management teams.
We are delighted to highlight some important milestones achieved this year.
In 2020 we invested in three new companies: PresenceLearning, TeachTown and Multi-Specialty Healthcare. PresenceLearning and TeachTown provide technology-enabled solutions for students with special education needs. Multi-Specialty HealthCare provides multidisciplinary rehabilitation care with a patient-centric focus for those with auto and workplace injuries. Recently
in March 2021, we also acquired Hand in Hand, a fast- growing purpose-driven personal care brand known for
its clean, palm-oil free ingredients, infinitely recyclable aluminum packaging, and robust Give Back program. All four investments align with identified impact themes and are supported by macro market trends.
BCDI successfully completed its second exit with the sale
of Penn Foster, a leading digital learning platform focused exclusively on training the middle skilled workforce. During our ownership we led a substantial transformation of the business – both to improve its financial performance and
to allow the company to create lasting social impact. This included setting a strategic focus and new branding on key vertical trade areas, including healthcare; augmenting strate-
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