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Driving Clinician Diversity
In the U.S. today, over 20% of students speak a language other than English in the home. Yet 92% of all speech-language pathologists in the United States are white. Recognizing the benefit of clinician diversity, Presence- Learning quickly recognized the need to de- velop a diverse talent pipeline, driving towards a base of clinicians as diverse and multilingual as the students they serve.
PresenceLearning works with key organiza- tions to make this a reality. Acknowledging that there is still much work to be done, Pres- enceLearning is building partnerships to kick start this process. The company commits to reporting back each year as it works towards this goal.
“One of the greatest value-adds of partner- ing with BCDI has been giving us struc- ture and pushing us to define impact in a metrics-driven way. Now it’s in every board meeting and consistent from meeting to meeting, tracking on an ongoing basis.” – Kate Eberle Walker, CEO
Empowering Working Parents
The option of flexible work is critical for ensur- ing workforce participation among women. As a teletherapy company, PresenceLearning has always taken the stance that flexible work is both important and effective. Its clinicians are able to manage their own schedules, and 80% of them are working parents.
“In a year when over 5 million women across the U.S. left the workforce due to COVID-related childcare pressures, Pres- enceLearning expanded income opportuni- ties for women by adding more than 1,300 women to our clinician network in 2020.” – Kate Eberle Walker, CEO
The New Normal
PL developed a proprietary technology plat- form with built-in tools to help deliver telether- apy effectively remotely. In 2020, it started li- censing this platform as a standalone product to enable districts to manage hybrid learning and work environments, as well as better op- timize their own clinical staff across buildings. PL will continue to offer its platform to enable districts to manage hybrid learning and work environments, as well as better optimize
their clinical staff across buildings. Through this offering, PL enabled 7,433 school-based clinicians to continue business-as-usual with minimal disruption.
PresenceLearning will continue to allow dis- tricts to leverage its platform as a standalone product for as long as these needs continue to exist, whether tied directly to COVID-19, or simply as part of the “new normal” learning environment.
Since COVID first triggered school closures over a year ago, over 2 million therapy ses- sions have been delivered on the Presence- Learning platform, making a real difference in ensuring that students get continuous support whether in school or at home.” – Kate Eberle Walker, CEO
Corporate Team Statistics
30% are People of Color
% 77
are Women
% 69
Work Remotely Clinicians St%atistics
 97 Are Women
Bain Capital Double Impact
Year in Review – 2020 33
Enabling Access
Speech therapy services are federally man- dated for eligible students under IDEA, but many school districts struggle to provide adequate services given the critical shortage of clinicians. These shortages are particularly acute in many rural areas and inner city urban communities. PresenceLearning helps bridge that gap and enables access to these critical services in chronically underserved areas through its remote teletherapy platform and national network of over 1,500 clinicians.
80% Are Working Parents
100% Work Remotely

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