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 Active Partnership for Lasting Impact
  Our Mission
We leverage deep industry experience and an active, value- added approach to build great mission-driven companies that deliver both competitive financial returns and measurable social and environmental impact.
Our Philosophy
We are active owners. Our focus on operational additionality enables us to drive impact results alongside financial returns by scaling and transforming companies.
Scale mission-aligned companies
We seek to profitably scale impact aligned companies that have impact at the core of their product or service.
Accelerate transformational impact
We identify companies in sectors that can create transformational change by helping them reach their full social and/or environmental potential.
    We invest and engage in business to drive positive and lasting impact for companies, employees, communities and the environment.
  We develop
exceptional partnerships
We are personally invested in each others’ success. We know that great outcomes come from diverse teams.
We challenge conventional thinking
We think differently. We nurture a culture of deeply objective inquiry and seek the full potential in every opportunity. We respect the power of facts.
We work with tenacity
We roll up our sleeves, dig in,and come to work every day searching for better outcomes. We relentlessly tackle tough problems. We see things through.
We believe character matters
We embrace personal
integrity, humility and citizenship. We act with empathy and conviction.
Bain Capital Double Impact
Year in Review – 2020 3

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