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Grantee respondents would not have been able to afford hardship expense(s) without grant
My light would have been cut off and for sure I would have needed to take time off from work to accommodate my family, for them to attend online school and other essentials needed while they are at home.”
Grantee respondents avoided a late fee due to the grant
I do appreciate my employer for caring for their staff in such a way. I received the grant at the right time which I will never forget. To me the amount was not my main focus but me being considered for such a relief. It was not enough but it closed a very big gap for me which forbids a lot of negatives from happening. Once more I say thank you to my employer and the entire team.”
47% Contributions under $10
I love that this is available for colleagues I employees. It is an amazing way to give back
... we understand that we all can fall into unforeseen circumstances and this program can be a blessing to so many.”
       Statistics and information came from Canary Survey Results, March 2021.
Bain Capital Double Impact Year in Review – 2020 23

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