Advocates for Inclusivity


To make plant-based foods accessible to people in the communities Beatnic serves, and to promote the environmental benefits of plant-based eating to key stakeholders including employees, customers and the general public


This past year, Beatnic launched three new menu items featuring Chicky, their first plant-based-chicken offering.

Infusing the new offering with its company values, Beatnic unveiled the Eat More Chicky campaign, pushing the boundaries of typical food marketing and celebrating inclusivity.

The campaign featured drag queen West Dakota as the face of the promotion. With social media content and wall postings across trendy neighborhoods in New York City, Beatnic showcased that plant-based food is for everyone and their doors are open to anyone, regardless of gender, race, beliefs, or diet. The campaign was an instant hit, with local and national press coverage, as well as viral exposure on Instagram and other social channels.