Championing Healthcare Access in New England


Operator of consistently branded urgent care clinics located in underserved markets throughout the Northeast often acting as the initial healthcare access point for patients.


Access to quality healthcare is a major concern across rural areas in the U.S. including northern New England — where rising costs, dispersed populations and constrained medical labor pools threaten the supply and stability of hospitals, primary care, and other healthcare infrastructure. The result is a lack of treatment, poor health outcomes, and constantly rising cost pressure.

ConvenientMD is at the forefront of combating this trend by bringing high quality, accessible and affordable care to communities throughout New England. ConvenientMD offers a wide array of services ranging from the treatment of common illness and flu shots to broken bones and lacerations, all in modern and conveniently located clinics. Further, the Company offers virtual on-demand care, in-person care seven days a week, ensuring patients access to treatment where and when they need it most. With this differentiated approach, ConvenientMD has quickly grown to be the largest urgent care provider in New Hampshire and Maine and proved that communities such as Littleton, NH with less than 10,000 residents, can support a thriving clinic.

ConvenientMD also plays a key role in mitigating rising healthcare costs. In many communities, ConvenientMD is the only alternative to hospital Emergency Departments, where the cost of treatment can cost 5-7x more. Through its advanced clinical and operational capabilities as well as the ability to attract and retain highly skilled physicians and medical professionals, ConvenientMD can provide the same quality care, on demand, at a fraction of the cost of leading hospital systems. In fact they have saved patients in New England well over $1.5 billion in healthcare costs since they opened in 2012. As a result, ConvenientMD is uniquely positioned as a valued partner to insurance companies, employers and patients.

ConvenientMD’s management and Bain Capital Double Impact are closely aligned on continuing to open clinics in underserved markets as well as develop innovative ways to make care more convenient and more affordable for all. Gareth Dickens, Chairman & CEO said “Bain Capital Double Impact shares our passion for continuing to find innovate ways to provide exceptional care to more people in the community. We are thrilled to have a mission-driven partner as we seek to extend our impact and market leadership in New England and beyond”.