Protecting Our Water and Health from "Forever Chemicals"


AqueoUS Vets is committed to providing the highest level of representation, service, and project management to the water and wastewater industry.


Climate-damaging practices have led to the significant degradation of our environment. Investment in environmental remediation and restoration is needed to counteract ecologically harmful actions and foster a more sustainable economy and planet.


AqueoUS Vets works to provide clean drinking water to all by addressing the long-standing and emerging contaminants in the U.S. water infrastructure, such as PFAS, with an array of effective water treatment solutions.

Examples in Action

Fast food packaging, water-repellent apparel, non-stick cookware and unfortunately our own drinking water. These are just a few of the common ways that Americans are exposed to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), also known as “forever chemicals”, which can take four to 15 years to reduce by half in the human body and centuries to disappear from the environment.

The impact of PFAS is deep and broad in the U.S. One report by the Centers for Disease Control an dPrevention, found PFAS in the blood of 97% of Americans.1 High concentrations of PFAS are linked to scores of health concerns including testicular, kidney, liver and pancreatic cancers. Unfortunately, low-income and underserved communities have been found to have a higher degree of PFAS contaminants than their higher-income counterparts, compounding the problem and highlighting systemic inequality in the way these issues are regulated.

AqueoUS Vets is working to provide clean drinking water to all by addressing long-standing and emerging contaminants in the U.S. water infrastructure, such as PFAS, with an array of effective water treatment solutions. The company offers a turnkey approach including the design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and ongoing service of custom water treatment systems that leverage advanced design technology and ensure long-term operational reliability. AV currently treats an estimated 168 million gallons per day for local, state, and federal government entities with more than 290 million gallons per day of treatment capacity in production, including the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, Orange County Water District, and the city of Orange, NJ, and Marzana, AZ as well as private industrial and commercial customers.


Orange County Water District

Problem: Found to have perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctanoic sulfonate (PFOS) at levels exceeding advisory levels in the Orange County Groundwater Basin, which provides 77 percent of total water supply throughout the district.

AV Solution: OCWD, working with the Yorba Linda Water District, moved swiftly to protect its residents and selected AqueoUS Vets® (AV®) to build 27 LowPro™ ion exchange (IX) resin systems for PFAS treatment. AV® provided design assistance, manufactured and delivered a solution capable of treating up to 25 million gallons per day, making it the largest IX PFAS treatment plant in the nation.

Town of Marana, Arizona

Problem: The Marana water system was found to contain the unregulated compounds PFAS and 1,4-dioxane.

AV Solution: As a proactive measure to protect the community from adverse effects associated with chemical water contaminants, AV worked with local contractors and engineers to build two water treatment plants that began operating on March 12, 2021, staying on track despite challenges from the pandemic. Sampling results of the water introduced into the respective systems from both treatment facilities revealed successful removal of both of these nonregulated compounds.


1 National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, PFAS Fact Sheet. March 2019.